Our Philosophy

UUM Preschool is a secular, non-profit, developmental preschool serving University City, MO and the surrounding areas. Our philosophy is one of inclusion; we believe all kinds of diversity enrich our program. We welcome everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis, embracing racial, ethnic, religious, developmental, and economic differences.

Our emphasis is on social and emotional growth and the development of good language skills. Competence in these areas lays the foundation for all academic success. Our program is designed to give each child an opportunity to be successful through challenging and varied activities that help develop a good sense of self.

Our History

UUM Preschool was founded in 1959 by Jane Paine. Her vision was to establish a high-quality, secular preschool program housed in University United Methodist Church for the children of church members as well as those in the community. She recruited the best people and developed a curriculum based on educational research with a commitment to excellence that still holds true today.

Jane has spent her life developing educational programs for St. Louis children. She helped establish the Head Start program at the Page Park YMCA, and she served on the Board of Epworth Children’s Home. She worked for the White House Conference on Education and then the Danforth Foundation for many years. While there, she was a leading force in the creation and expansion of the Parents as Teachers program and its national center here in St. Louis. She was a recipient of the Citizens for Missouri’s Children Award.

Our Environmental Efforts

UUM Preschool has strived to become an eco-friendly school by making reasonable changes over time. Whenever possible, we use e-mail to communicate with parents as well as staff. We try to only buy recycled paper, and we have recycling containers in every classroom. We use cups and napkins that can be recycled and that, when possible, are made from recycled materials. All ink cartridges and batteries are recycled, and we use compact fluorescent bulbs wherever possible. The teachers use washable cups for coffee, and we strongly encourage parents to send lunches in reusable containers. The teachers talk to the children about taking care of our Earth and offer hands-on experiences to demonstrate green concepts such as recycling. For example, the teachers may take their class on a walk to pick up trash on our block to demonstrate how littering detracts from the beauty of our world.


Up to date vaccinations are required for all children.


UUM Preschool  6901 Washington Ave St Louis, MO  63130   314 863-7904   uum@uumpreschool.org